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Voile Curtains Ready Made - An Exotic Yet Practical Window Dressing Option

Voile curtains ready made are available in a variety of shades and designs. Yet, white and cream are the most popular shades. They are sheer curtains and can be used instead of net curtains. In fact it is used for making mosquito nets in some countries and to create curtains around beds. Beautifully draped over cots the voile curtains create a romantic atmosphere seen in movies of royalty. Voile is beautiful and delicate material. It is usually made from cotton but silk and rayon are also used to weave these fine textured fabrics. If made from silk it can be quite expensive.

Voile comes from French and has now become a common English word. In French voile stands for veil the delicate fabric that hides a woman's face from the public gaze. A woman behind a veil is always a mystery. People want to what she looks like, what are her thoughts, what are her expressions. Similar is the case with voile curtains. They cut-off the harsh glare of the sun but a soft glow still lights up the room. You can get a clear view of the outside but people looking in from outside get only a hazy view of your interiors adding up to the mystery of your home.

The light weight, dainty, refined fabric and its translucence make voile curtains ready made a very popular choice amongst home owners. You can use the voile curtains by themselves or in combination with other materials. It can be used with lining or without lining. If you need just the subtle screening effect then voile curtains by themselves are quite enough. But if you want more substantial screening for different times of the day then using another backup screen in a darker shade allows you to have complete privacy.

The voile curtains are available in a variety of densities. So, choose thicker versions of voile in case you want more privacy and thinner versions if you want more light to filter through. Voile is a versatile material and lends itself to a variety of styles in draping and hanging as curtains. They come in a wide range of colors and designs to suit any room's decor. A large number of plain and embroidered patterns to choose from and the huge range of readymade sizes for different windows and hanging styles make it very easy to buy voile curtains.

These sheer curtains need to hand washed at least every 6 months. Remove all the rings, hooks and other metal accessories before washing as these can snag and damage the delicate material. Wash it with mild detergents and gentle agitation using your hands. Don't use any scrubs or brushes. Don't wring. Instead wrap in a towel and gently soak the excess water and hang it to dry on the clothes line. Drying whites in the sun will make them brighter. Dry colored voile curtains ready made in the shade to avoid fading.

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