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Small Kitchen Design Tips

Small kitchen design is always way more challenging than designing a large and spacious one. It is different as the space is less and the needs are more. It needs to be planned intelligently and with some amount of creativity. Special lighting, lighter shades of color, large windows, laying the floor tiles in a certain pattern, open shelves are just a few ideas to make the small kitchen look big and spacious.

How to design a small kitchen ?

descp: 1.Good lighting helps by allowing you to make the best use of the space you have.
2. Minimize color contrasts-makes small kitchen feel airier and spacious.
3. Replacing solid door fronts on your wall cabinets with glass fronts can make your small kitchen look larger and brighter.
4. Plan your design with deeper counters, that can accommodate more appliances and increase work space.
5. Use colored lighting under cabinets within glass doors.
6. Open shelving can make a small kitchen feel larger.
7. Deeper counters can more increase work space and you can put the lot of pots in counters.

The following articles gives some tips on small kitchen design. There are several tips, choose ones that are practical and functional for your use.

Tips for Designing A Small Kitchen

descp: If you have a small kitchen to remodel, then the problem of creating a fabulous kitchen simply comes down to what you can fit and where. To create the small and efficient kitchen design, you need to work on three major areas:
1. Storage
2. Lighting
3. Appliances

The Challenge! Small kitchens may appear to be a design challenge, but it can also be functional, stunning and efficient. Even with a limited budget and building restrictions, you can find that there are many options to create and transform your kitchen into something that meets your needs and vision.

It's not that tough to design a small kitchen if you have the right appliances and right ideas. Leave out the stuff you might never use. If you are not a baking person then you don't need that big sized oven, a small one will serve the purpose. Opt for smaller dining table or a bar stool. Smaller stove tops, deeper shelves and brighter lights will make even a small kitchen look a little larger. If you don't have space for a window then place a mirror on the smaller wall to give an illusion of space.

Following is some additional tips for a small kitchen design

Following is some additional tips for a small kitchen design;

- Creativity is required to find storage in a small kitchen design. Try using a hinged stair tread to store small items like a phone book.

- Manufacturers are making smaller-scaled appliances that work well in small kitchen design, for example, refrigerators only 24 inches deep as opposed to the standard 30-inch model.

- If your kitchen is at least 12 to 15 feet wide, it can accommodate freestanding storage in the center (usually an island) that is convenient from any spot in the kitchen.

- You don't have to give things up in a small kitchen design if you try a different approach. If you have room for only a small bowl sink, try using one that is deeper than average.

- Pantry storage with units that go floor to ceiling provide maximum storage in small kitchen design

- Use space-saving small kitchen design ideas for an eating area in a small kitchen: a banquette with storage underneath; a drop table; a small round table and two chairs tucked in a corner.

- The galley kitchen, which lines up cabinets and appliances on either side of a corridor, is one of the most popular designs for small kitchen design. Everything is within easy reach for the cook.

Small kitchen design can be sensational and at the same time be functional and practical. As you browse the web and check out the different designs you will be surprised at the variety and number of ways people have created beautiful kitchens with the small space available.


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