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Understanding The Need For Home Remodeling

Every year several billion worth of home remodeling projects are undertaken in the United States and other countries in order to make their homes more suitable for their needs. These can range from the very minor to complete overhaul of the whole house and the exteriors. The type of remodeling that a homeowner undertakes depends on his needs, the budget, the time and effort needed for the project.

Before proceeding further, it might be easier if we understood some types of home remodeling projects. According to Wikepedia a few types are listed below

Types of home improvement

While "home improvement" often refers to building projects that alter the structure of an existing home, it can also include improvements to lawns, gardens, and outdoor structures, such as gazebos and garages. Home improvement projects generally have one or more of the following goals:
[edit] Comfort

    * Upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
    * Increasing the capacity of plumbing and electrical systems.
    * Waterproofing basements.
    * Soundproofing rooms, especially bedrooms and baths.

[edit] Maintenance and repair

Maintenance projects can include:

    * Roof tear-off and replacement.
    * Concrete and masonry repairs to the foundation and chimney.
    * Repairing plumbing and electrical systems.

[edit] Additional space

Additional living space may be added by:

    * Turning marginal areas into livable spaces such as turning basements into recrooms, home theaters, or home offices – or attics into spare bedrooms.
    * Extending one's house with rooms added to the side of one's home or, sometimes, extra levels to the original roof.

Before you embark on home remodeling it is necessary to follow certain precautions. Get recommendations about as many as contractors as possible. Go with people who do the job well and also on time. As the time taken to complete the project drags on you are forced to spend extra money on side projects you never intended on doing in the first place. There are more tips to follow as noted in this article below.

Tips For Home Renovation:

# Get every little detail of the home renovation in writing from the contractor up front, before you sign on the dotted line. There were assumptions I made in my head of what the final product would look like and the contractor actually had a different, ‘cheaper’ plan. I was paying for one thing and the contractor planned on installing something else (the price paid was fixed). Examples of this are:

    * I thought that since the old fireplace was being torn down and a new one was being rebuilt, new fireplace doors would be included in the quote I was given. Unfortunately, they were not.
    * I thought the ‘sidesplash’ would be included in the cost of the new bathroom sink. I was told it was not, although the contractor ended up throwing one in anyway, and installing it.
    * I was having new kitchen cabinets installed with a peninsula. I assumed the front of the peninsula would be wood, but the general contractor envisioned it being painted drywall. (Drywall would be much cheaper.) Fortunately this was not a huge extra expense for the project.
    * The painting in the quote assumed all four walls and the ceiling would be the same color, but I missed that. So painting the ceilings white was an added cost, but that was my fault.

# If you don’t like one of the workers on the job, talk to the head contractor about it. I regret not kicking out the painter on our home remodel. He was expensive, and he really didn’t do a very good job. Had I been more experienced, I would have booted him on day one.
# Make sure you have enough paint leftover for touch-ups and document the type of paint used in each room. You may remember the paint color 5 years down the road, but you may not remember if you used eggshell, flat, semi-gloss, etc.
# Make sure the contractor cleans up the mess every single day. You don’t want all that dust circulating through your heating and cooling system, which leads me to my next tip…
# Change your air filters during and after your home renovation if you are having any drywall work done. You wouldn’t believe the amount of drywall dust you will find in your filters during a renovation. You can do real damage to the HVAC system if you do not keep the air moving well with nice, clean filters.

Why do people remodel their homes? There are many reasons to consider a remodeling project. But, instead of just speculating on the reasons here is some data from a nationwide survey on home remodeling and the data is not all that surprising.

Why Are Homeowners Remodeling Kitchens?

Professional Remodeler Magazine (Nov. 2010) conducted a random sample of close to 800 remodelers across the United States to survey the current reasons why homeowners did a kitchen remodel. What did they find?

More people report they will be staying put in their current homes, and wanted a custom kitchen and master bath to meet their needs. Rather than moving to a larger home, twenty seven percent of the homeowners did a whole house remodel and an addition to transform their house to the home of their dreams.

The top reason for their kitchen remodel (42%) was to update the kitchen’s appearance. Thirty percent had their top reason for home renovation as improving usability of their kitchen to facilitate their lifestyle. Most of the homeowners reported they wanted to replace cabinets (49%), and their countertops. Twelve percent were motivated by making more room for their kitchen and updating appliances for more efficient, innovative models.

The above survey clearly shows that people take up renovation not for selling it or increasing its curb appeal but for their own needs. To help them enjoy their homes better and to update their homes so, it is in line with the latest trends and styles. Only a small percentage of people consider remodeling in order to sell their home at a higher price or to find a buyer fast.


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