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Basement Remodeling Design - Ideas To Consider

Basement remodeling design helps transform your basement into a usable and functional space. The basements are usually like attics a wasted space where junk gets thrown. But, by proper planning and design you can make use of this valuable space and create extra room for you and your family. You could even make it a bachelor accomodation nad rent it out if you need the extra income. Here are some basement redesign ideas worth considering

Popular Basement Design Ideas to Consider

# Home Theater - What better place to watch a new movie than a room that already has the ability to limit light and sound? Basements are a great spot for a sound system, big screen tv, cozy leather couches and more. If you've planned it correctly, you'll be able to watch your favorite movies without disturbing those upstairs. Make sure you install proper sound insulation to prohibit noise bleeding.
# Bar Area - This is another popular feature of a finished basement. There are simple ways to create an inviting area for your friends to come and enjoy. When combined with a game room of sorts, having the bar area close by is great when you want to enjoy some drinks over a game of pool.
# Extra Bedroom - If you have a teenager and you have a basement space, you've probably already been asked about them moving into the basement. Since teenagers like to sleep, a bedroom in the basement will give them extra space and quiet if needed. You might also use it as an extra guest suite especially if you include a bathroom in the space. If the inlaws come over for that long week stay, you can put them in the nicely finished basement away from your living quarters so you can keep your sanity!
# Game Room - Who wouldn't want to come over to your house if you had a pool table, dart board, foosball table and pinball machine all in one room? If you have the extra space in your home and just want to use your basement as the 'party room', make sure you stock it full of games.

Basements being unused most of the time are places where junk collects. Some may be cold, smelly and dark. You need to take a really good look about how you can get the light in if possible, else put lot of lighting to make it bright and welcoming. A dark basement is home to insects and critters. Basements can be cold and uncomfortable places as these are not linked to heating system in house. To make them functional additional heating will need to be installed.

Is your basement warm enough?

It's not a bad idea to have a secondary heat source in your basement, such as a wood burning stove, a fireplace, or a floor warming system.


    1. Eliminate as many posts and columns as is practical. Design new walls to conceal necessary posts and columns whenever possible.

      2. If air ducts or plumbing must be relocated, do so along walls or beams, leaving ceilings higher in the center of rooms, where headroom is more critical.

      3. Make the room seem wider and longer with the use of horizontal design elements.

      4. Remember that water seeks its lowest point (the basement). Carpet may be installed, of course, but consider using alternative, more water resistant floor coverings such as tiles, vinyl, area rugs (which can be easily taken up and dried out or cleaned), or indoor/outdoor carpeting to minimize any potential water damage.

While your basement may not be much to look at now, you'll want to end up with quality living space when the project is complete. An architect or interior designer can help you get the most out of the space. A little forethought and careful planning now can help you create a space that is attractive, comfortable and useful.

You need to know the cost of the basement remodeling before you embark on the project. Sometimes, the cost may be too high.

Counting the Cost of Basement Conversion

Bathroom basements can add value to your project.

But, turning a basement into usable space isnít as easy as laying down flooring or putting up drywall. Some basement conversion jobs can get expensive and may not be worth it to you if the modifications you must make mean investing thousands of dollars more in the project then youíre willing to pay.

Letís take a look at some factors to consider before undertaking your basement conversion project:

Ceiling Heights Ė One critical factor in basement conversion is ceiling height. If you must raise the ceiling to comply with local codes, that is an expense youíll need to weigh. Usually, town building departments require that rooms have a height of not less than seven feet. Exposed beams may be allowed, but your town may require that they project no more than six inches from the ceiling. Thus, your town is telling you that you must have head clearance of at least 6 foot, 6 inches.

Basement remodeling can give you that much needed space for your various needs.


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