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Green Kitchen Remodeling - An Art Form That Can Put Cash In Your Pocket

So you want a green kitchen and are ready for the next remodeling project. How do you go about your green kitchen remodeling? Your aim is to have a healthy, ecofriendly and energy efficient room that nicely complements the home of your dreams. Well, it isn't hard, if you know what you are going to do - or the right places to look for advice.

This article from home remodeling website "Green Kitchen Remodeling" is a good starting point.

Going green with your kitchen remodeling project means making choices based on your lifestyle and your budget. The decisions aren't always simple. For example, a certain green product may outlast and use less energy but cost more than a similar product that performs equally well. Fortunately, an expanding marketplace for smart, stylish green products is helping to lower costs — making it easier to have a green kitchen and love it, too.

If products you'd like to add to your project aren't readily available, schedule visits to showrooms or green home improvement expos to examine materials first-hand before making decisions.

The article goes on to share ideas, products and tips to put the green back into your kitchen. And that's not the only resource on the subject of green kitchen remodeling.

"Renovation Experts" has an excellent guide about green kitchen remodeling, which shares several tips on carrying out a project.

Remodeling tips for a Green kitchen:

1.Energy Efficient Appliances:

The refrigerator is one of the home's highest consumers of energy. Since July of 2001 the national energy efficiency standards for new refrigerators has required manufacturers to make more efficient models. Utility providers in some states offer rebates for homeowners who purchase models that exceed the minimum standard . Looking for the Energy Star® sticker on all your kitchen appliances is a great way of making your kitchen Greener. Once you have your "Green appliances" make sure you use the water and energy-saving settings on your kitchen's refrigerator and dishwasher as much as possible.

2. Lighting:

Energy efficient lighting can cut down on your utility bill. Most standard fixtures are compatible with compact fluorescents (CFLs). CFLs can save 75% of the electricity that incandescents bulbs use. CFL technology has come a long way. In the past, some people stayed away from CFLs because they didn't like the sterile light they gave off, reminding them of older office lighting. CFLs now offer cool and warm light and are available in a wider range of wattage and lumens. Look for the Energy Star® on this product as well. While the initial cost of these bulbs is slightly higher, they last eight times as long.

Designing a kitchen with good natural lighting cuts down on the need to use electricity and is a Green kitchen choice that you may have overlooked.

And you don't even have to risk going it alone. There are experts eager and willing to help out. As featured in this story on Earth 911, there are many green kitchen remodeling projects carried out with professional assistance.

Verena worked with Jason Holstine, owner of Amicus Green Building Center in Washington, D.C., to plan her project. Amicus is a combination green hardware store/sustainable architecture practice, offering an easy way to explore the options of eco-friendly design. The kitchen is the best place to start green remodeling, according to Holstine.

"The kitchen will give you the most bang for your buck," he says. "It's where you expend most of your energy. Just think, your fridge is running 24 hours a day. Only your utility room will use more electricity overall."

Large projects can be intimidating, but they just need to be broken down. Holstine outlined five steps a home owner should take during the initial stages of remodeling to make things run more smoothly.

So with this diversity in choice and guidance being available there really isn't any excuse for you to put off that green kitchen remodeling idea for much longer. Go on, get started, and revamp your home.

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