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Drapery Rods And Hardware - Installing Curtain Rods Is Easy

Drapery rods and hardware to install them are essential if you are considering window treatments for your home which involve curtains, drapes or blinds. Looking for just curtain rods will not do. You also need to buy the related accessories associated with it. Else, installing it is not possible. You need rings, finials and brackets. Otherwise your pole won't have a neat and matched look. You can buy them as a set; many stores sell them as kits which can be assembled at home.

If you are a do-it-yourself guy and want to order just the drapery rods and hardware and design the rest of the stuff yourself then it is understandable. You can make your own finials which will be unique and something to be proud about as you would have designed it yourself. You can use a number of different materials to create your finials that will go with the curtain rods that you have ordered from the store.

Just Poles is a UK based company that offers a wide range of curtain poles, curtain tracks, draper rods and hardware to go with it. They offer premium quality curtain poles from several designer and branded companies. These include Alison Davies, Swish, Sun flex, Hollis Hudson to name a few. They offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to go with any home decor. Apart from curtain poles they offer other services too which are needed to fix up the poles. They have been in the business of curtain poles for a long time and know how to deal with any problem related to this. You can call them up if you need any help or assistance in fixing your curtain poles.

Measuring For Drapery Poles And Hardware

When measuring for the poles make sure you follow the industry and specific store's standards as it is likely that different companies have different methodology of measuring for these poles. Some may take into consideration the end brackets others the finials, so make sure you do this right. There is nothing more disappointing than having worked hard to finish creating your curtain pole and finding it too small or too long. But don't despair as long rods can be cut without causing too much damage.

There are other companies similar to these which sell all types of curtains rods online. Most websites that sell curtain rods and accessories for all types of windows including bay windows will have section of how to measure your windows before ordering the product. Follow the guide and take the exact measurements. It is not easy to correct it once you place the order. If you are not sure then talk to a service representative to get clarifications. Use the same measurement units as mentioned on the website. This way there is not much confusion or room for error.Order your drapery rods and hardware taking care that you all follow all instructions carefully and you should be okay

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