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Curtain Poles For Bay Windows - For Attractive Window Treatments

Curtain poles for bay windows have made things easy as far window treatments for bay windows are concerned. They help in dressing up your bay window with beautiful curtains, drapery or blinds. There is no need to use flexible cords or tracks as modern bay window curtain poles can be bent and conform to the shape of the windows.

Bay windows are those special nooks or center pieces of homes where people can relax with a book or listen to music while enjoying the views of the outside world. Bay windows have wider views because of the way they are set to project outside the rooms. They are shaped in a variety of ways like octagonal or rectangular or curved. The alcove created inside can be used as an extended seating space or as nook to escape into your own private world. Bay windows have been around for a long time and different types of window dressings like curtains, drapes and blinds have been used to make it more private or enclose it.

Depending on the purpose you need to decide on the type of curtains poles for bay windows you want to buy. Some homes might want to curtain off the corner where the bay window is located. This way an enclosed space is created which is essentially separated from the rest of the room. In such a case a straight pole is used. In addition if you want to make the whole area very cozy and private curtains along the bay window are also put-up. For this you need curtain poles for bay windows as these will conform to the shape of the bay.

Curtain poles for bay windows are available in a variety of styles and designs. Brass, wrought iron, chrome is the usual materials used in making curtain poles. Wood is also used but for bay windows this is not an option. You should be able to find one that matches your room decor. If you want to order something special you can always place an order and if it is possible the manufacturer will make it for you. Even otherwise new products are always coming into the market and you should be able to get something you want if you have the patience to wait a few weeks.

Curtain Poles for Bay Window - Right Measurements

Make sure that you get the measurements right when ordering your curtain poles. Check out the store guides on this and use a metal measuring tape to get the correct measurements. If in doubt get a store assistant to help you. Measuring bay window curtain poles is no rocket science and you should be able to do this without any difficulty. Even otherwise with store assistants willing to help it can be accomplished without too much trouble.

Most stores supply all you need to set the curtain poles. In case you need some extra brackets or some other accessories you can always from a local hardware store. Setting up the curtain poles for bay windows is not tough at all and can be done in less than half hour.

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